Everything in CoD Mobile Season 9 Update: Krig-6 AR, Ice Drake Mythic, Zombies, more

published: 2022-10-05T22:52:00

Updated: 2022-10-05T22:58:59

CoD Mobile Season 9: Zombies Are Back is upon us and as the name implies, the classic Zombies experience is making its way back to portable devices. In addition, there are new weapons and cosmetics to round out the seasonal patch.

As Season 8: Train to Nowhere comes to an end, CoD Mobile fans are quickly turning their attention to the next content drop. Following on from early leaks and teasers, developers have now made Season 9 official, titled “Zombies Are Back” and what comes with it.

From yet another Cold War Black Ops weapon to the imminent return of round-based Zombies, there’s plenty on the way.

So before things get started, brush up on everything we know so far about the CoD Mobile Season 9 update.


CoD Mobile Season 9 Update Release Date

As the Season 8 Battle Pass mentioned, CoD Mobile Season 9 kicks off on Wednesday, October 12 at 5 p.m. PT. Not unlike normal, new content will be immediately available around the world, giving players immediate access to the new season.

This marks a full five weeks since the previous season took over, in line with the usual cadence of new seasons in CoD Mobile.

Cold War Krig-6 Assault Rifle Lands in CoD Mobile Season 9

Days after the Chinese build of CoD Mobile revealed crucial details, we now know for sure that Black Ops Cold War’s Krig-6 Assault Rifle will make its Season 9 debut.

Since it only appeared in the Cold War before, this marks the second round of the AR in a CoD title. As a powerful and accurate weapon, the Krig has been a popular competitive weapon due to its fast TTK and long-range potential.

While the default pistol itself lands in Season 9, the Krig will also be accompanied by a new Mythic tier skin. In Season 2 of Warzone and Cold War, the Krig received an Ice Drake Blueprint that completely transformed the gun into a hair-raising dragon. Now CoD Mobile fans will soon have access to the same design.

Classic Zombies Return in CoD Mobile Season 9

“Horde Incoming,” a September 18 YouTube upload warned CoD Mobile players. Now we know for sure that Zombies will return in two ways with the Season 9 update. For starters, the classic round-based experience will be back in full force as players venture through Shi No Numa once again.

Meanwhile, Super Attack of the Undead also appears in the update as players fight not only against AI Zombies, but also infected humans. Unfortunately for those who have been patiently waiting for Zombies to return in CoD Mobile, it looks like it will be listed again as a temporary mode, meaning it will soon disappear again instead of showing up permanently.

Zombies Classic first appeared in the handheld title in 2019 and has been seen sporadically since then.

Hacienda gets a spooky makeover

With the Halloween season just around the corner, one of CoD Mobile’s multiplayer maps is getting a spooky treatment this year. While others have gotten a similar edit in the past, this time it’s Hacienda’s turn.

With cobwebs everywhere, eerie pumpkin heads around every bend and a nighttime chill blanketing the map, expect a very different atmosphere when you load back into this familiar environment.

CoD Mobile Haunted HaciendaActivity

Haunted Hacienda will be in rotation throughout Season 9.

CoD Mobile Season 9 Battle Pass

As always, a new season in CoD Mobile means an all-new Battle Pass. This time, players can get their hands on two powerful devices without paying a cent. Both the C4 explosive and the aforementioned Krig-6 AR are available for free in the Season 9 Battle Pass on Tier 14 and Tier 21 respectively.

On the premium side, there is a range of new Operator Skins available, some of which match the new theme of the undead pirates. Additionally, a number of weapon blueprints, including one for the Krig-6, can also be unlocked through Premium Tiers in the Season 9 Battle Pass.

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