Everything we know about Ubisoft’s Star Wars game: Open-world, Snowdrop engine, more

Published: 2023-01-06T06:05:13

Updated: 2023-01-06T06:05:29

Ubisoft’s ambitious Star Wars game is well into development, and while details are scarce, we’ve got an early look at everything there is to know about the upcoming open-world title.

It’s safe to say there are quite a few Star Wars games in the works right now. From EA’s Jedi: Survivor game on the horizon to Quantic Dream’s Eclipse project, a KOTOR remake and many more in between, it’s an exciting time for fans around the world.

Among the list of ongoing projects is none other than an open world title from Ubisoft, the publishing giant behind the likes of Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. While it’s still early days, without even a proper name for the upcoming release, we still have quite a bit of early information to go off.

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So if you’re eagerly awaiting any information you can get your hands on, here’s a full rundown of everything we know so far about Ubisoft’s open-world Star Wars game.


Star Wars Battlefront gameplayElectronic art

We’ve seen plenty of ambitious Star Wars games over the years, but few with a true open-world approach.

Does Ubisoft’s Star Wars game have a release date?

Currently, Ubisoft’s Star Wars game has no set release date. However, we may have received a small teaser via a tweet from a developer on January 2nd. Ubisoft creative director Julian Gerighty set the rumor mill ablaze with a simple post teasing the Star Wars title.

“2023 is going to be huge for us,” he tweeted alongside an image of the iconic Star Wars logo. Of course, many interpreted this as the open-world game is targeting a 2023 release, but it’s worth taking that notion with a grain of salt.

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Gerighty quickly followed up on his post to clarify that 2023 will be “huge for our teams building our game,” perhaps trying to run back his first teaser. Nevertheless, we are sure that the Star Wars project has been actively developed since then January 2021so fans won’t have to wait too long to see the game in action.

Which team is developing Ubisoft’s Star Wars game?

Swedish developer Mass entertainment leads the assault on Ubisoft’s open world Star Wars game. The team is best known for their work on The Division series and the most recent South Park title (The Fractured but Whole). The team now has two ambitious titles in development at the same time.

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Not only is Massive working on the Star Wars game, but they’re also responsible for the upcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora title, both of which will feature massive open worlds, meaning they’re no small undertaking.

The Division GameplayUbisoft

When it comes to designing open world games, Massive Entertainment has largely cut its teeth through The Division series.

Early Star Wars open world gameplay details

While we haven’t even seen a screenshot of the game yet, we do have some early details on how Ubisoft’s Star Wars game will play.

First, we’re sure the title will hone in on a “new set of characters who have their own motivations and interests.” As for an exact setting or time frame, that’s anyone’s guess for now. We were able to see everything from the newly established High Republic era to more familiar territory in the Skywalker era.

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The open-world game will also leverage Ubisoft’s innovative Snowdrop engine, an engine that powers a number of the publisher’s upcoming titles, including Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and the Splinter Cell remake.

Stellan Skarsgard and Diego Luna in AndorDisney+

The Star Wars universe is always expanding, so there’s no shortage of stories to tell and timelines to explore.

While not yet confirmed, leaked information from InsiderGaming claims that we’ll be controlling a customizable protagonist and guiding them through the story with our own decisions. In addition, the report claims that players will be able to “seamlessly” jump between systems in a vast universe, similar to how No Man’s Sky presents its boundless galaxy.

Obviously, it’s still pretty early days, so it’s worth taking this information with a grain of salt for now. But rest assured that we’ll update you here with the latest developments as new details emerge.

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