EVGA cuts ties with NVIDIA and stops making graphics cards

Well, this is a story that was a complete surprise and out of the blue. According to Gamers Nexus and an official statement from EVGA itself, they are cutting ties with NVIDIA and will no longer make graphics cards. This is huge news as an EVGA is NVIDIA’s #1 authorized partner and graphics card sales make up 78% of EVGA’s sales.

So this means that EVGA will not release any upcoming RTX 40 series graphics or other graphics cards in the future. When asked if they would change things up and work with AMD on Radeon graphics cards, or even Intel on Arc cards and there is no plan for that. EVGA will instead focus on their power supply and motherboard business.

Why is EVGA making this decision? Again to myself and many others in space, this just doesn’t make much sense. Gamers Nexus did a great job breaking through EVGA’s decision, here are some of the key highlights.

– They have no basic information or cost of the product they are going to sell until the NVIDIA official reveals it to the press
– EVGA believes NVIDIA is undermining by offering Founders Edition cards at a lower price
– EVGA feels limited by NVIDIA
– Not a financial decision, it’s about respect

This is definitely a strong statement from EVGA. So what if you currently have an EVGA graphics card? Should you be concerned? Well, according to EVGA, current customers will be backed by EVGA warranties. EVGA also withheld inventory so they have cards for replacement.

It will be very interesting to see where EVGA goes as a company. While their power supplies and motherboards are pretty good, almost everyone you talk to knows them because of their graphics cards.

So it looks like this is the end of an era for EVGA. The company says they plan to run out of RTX 30 series cards by the end of the year and that’s it. Maybe in years to come we’ll reminisce about that cool EVGA card we once had, just like we did for 3Dfx, DFI and ABIT.

You can watch the Gamers Nexus video below.


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