Fans of Super Smash Bros. may have found never-before-seen photos from Slamfest ’99

The Smash community may have just discovered photos that could relate to the long-lost Slamfest ’99 livestream event.

The Super Smash Bros. series has a very long history and made a huge name after the launch of Smash 64 in 1999.

Some video game veterans may remember the game’s odd marketing campaign, which included a live-action commercial and an event called Slamfest ’99.

Now, the Smash Bros. community may have just unearthed brand new footage from the long-lost Slamfest ’99 event.

Never-before-seen Slamfest ’99 photos

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Some fans thought that new behind-the-scenes photos may have been related to the lost Slamfest 99 event.

The photos come from the Smash Bros subreddit, where user BrautiganHadGlasses claimed they found photos of “the making of [and] rehearsals of Slamfest ’99.”

For those who may not know, Slamfest ’99 was a live-streamed promotional event for Super Smash Bros. 64.

Being a very early internet livestream, very little footage of Slamfest ’99 exists online, with internet and game historians tirelessly searching for new evidence.

This series of Reddit posts showcases behind-the-scenes photos of the making of Slamfest ’99 mascot outfits, design magazines, and much more.

After gaining traction on Reddit, the Smash community began analyzing the photos, which some users found more skeptical than pleased.

According to game enthusiast and archivist LSuperSonicQit seems that these photos are probably related to the Smash Bros. 64 TV commercial, instead of Slamfest ’99.

While the costumes used in the commercial were the same as in Slamfest ’99, the company that made them claimed to have “no involvement” in the live event.

While it’s an unfortunate blow to an internet archivist, it’s still a joy to see such high-quality images from one of Nintendo’s craziest commercials yet.

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