Faulty vapor chamber may be the main reason for the thermal problems of the Radeon 7900 GPUs

Reference AMD Radeon 7900 GPUs may contain a faulty batch. Igor Wallosek offered a quick update on Der8auer’s findings. Please note that Der8auer just released a video discussing thermal throttling issues with AMD Radeon 7900 reference cards. While he hasn’t given us a detailed explanation yet, he says faulty vapor chambers are likely responsible for GPU hotspots and thermal throttling.

Today Igor contributes by passing on a letter from a board member. Reportedly, the unnamed OEM expects at least one defective batch of the Radeon 7900 series to have escaped from the factory. The identified potential problem is insufficient addition of refrigerant to the vapor chamber. Igor doesn’t want to reveal the der8auer’s new findings; therefore it is vital to note that the YouTuber will upload a new video tomorrow, which should contain more information.

It is too early to know if these statements are accurate for those affected. Even if a defective batch of Radeon 7900 reference cards does exist, it is currently unknown how many were produced and where they were distributed.

Via Igor’s Lab

Image credit: Igor’s Lab

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