FIFA 22 Eredivisie Player of the Month (POTM) Nominees & Winners

FIFA 22 Premier League POTM Guide

Eredivisie is the sixth league to receive FIFA 22 Player of the Month (POTM) cards. New stars receive massive in-game upgrades every month. Here’s the list of winners so far in 2022, and how to complete the SBCs to recruit them into Ultimate Team.

The Eredivisie joins Serie A as the sixth league and receives monthly POTM cards in FIFA 22.

While the league doesn’t necessarily feature top talent like the big five, there are still plenty of nifty squads you can build from the Dutch domestic league.

Not only that, but some players will make great links with Dutch stars in other leagues if you feel a bit of national pride. You no longer have to wait for Team of the Season (TOTS) to get the best Eredivisie players, they now come monthly.

Here’s what you need to know about the FIFA 22 Premier League POTM cards and how to unlock them through SBCs.

March Eredivisie POTM winner: Eran Zahavi

PSV striker Eran Zahavi has been named Eredivisie Player of the Month for March. He played exceptionally well all month, scoring goals in every game he played.

Eran Zahavi’s POTM card is rock solid. Not only does it have an impressive rating of 86 OVR, which is much higher than its basemap of 80 OVR, but it also has +8 pace, +8 passing, +7 dribbling, +6 shooting, and more.

The best part is that the SBC is also quite affordable. It will only give you a minor kickback 12,000 FUT Coins on all platforms and will be available until April 29† So you have a month to add him to your team.

Previous Eredivisie POTM winners in FIFA 22

Previous Eredivisie POTM winners in FIFA 22 include Ibrahim Sangare, Guus Til and Luuk Brouwers. However, there will be new ones in FIFA 22 every month, and we’ll add them here as they come out.

  • September: Gus Til (82)
  • October: Luke Brouwers (81)
  • November: Ibrahim Sangare (84)
  • December: Jesper Karlsson (84)
  • January: Orkun Kokcu (86)
  • February: Orkun Kokcu (88)

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