FIFA 22 Summer Swaps 2: Tokens, Start Time, Rewards & More

FIFA 22 Summer Swaps is the biggest swap event in FUT history and a second batch has now arrived. Here’s everything you need to know about Summer Swaps 2 in FIFA 22, including the rewards on offer.

After ICON Swaps made a splash in previous years, the swaps concept has become a regular part of FIFA 22. Many of this year’s promos have come with a set of tokens to work towards, including Future Stars, FUT Birthday and even Team of the Season.

Summer Swaps 2 is the next big FUT event and it is gearing up to become the biggest Swaps ever with 50 tokens players can earn in addition to the FUTTIES promo.

Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 22 Summer Swaps 2, from the key dates to the rewards up for grabs.


FIFA 22 Summer Swaps 2 Start and End Date

FIFA 22 Summer Swaps 2 has launched Friday 29 July 2022, Bee 6:00pm BSTthe same day FUTTIES hit Team 3 Ultimate Team.

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Players have a whole month to earn the tokens as the event comes to an end Monday 29 August 2022. After this date, no more tokens will be released and players must have claimed their rewards.

FIFA 22 Summer Swaps 2 Explained

FIFA 22 Summer Swaps 2 follows a similar format to other Swaps events throughout the year. Players complete in-game challenges to unlock tokens, earning them increasingly valuable rewards depending on how much they earn.

Tokens can be earned in a variety of ways, from ticking off goals to completing SBCs. Sometimes they’re tucked away in separate sections of larger targets, so be sure to check Ultimate Team every day to make sure you haven’t missed any.

Once you’re happy with the number of tokens you’ve collected, you can turn them in for rewards. These can range from special packs such as 85+ x 20 player packs to valuable special cards.

What sets Summer Swaps apart is the fact that there will be 50 different tokens this time around, double the number of previous events. The choice is yours whether you save all your tokens for the highest rewards, or scatter them for several smaller unlocks.

FIFA 22 Summer Swaps 2 Rewards

With another 50 tokens up for grabs, there’s a boatload of prizes in FIFA 22 Summer Swaps 2, and as we’re so late in the game’s lifecycle, EA has decided to include the best of the best.

Check out the full list of FIFA 22 Summer Swaps 2 rewards below:

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