FIFA 23 developer reveals reason for Ultimate Team Chemistry’s big commotion

Nathan Warby

published: 2022-09-26T09:14:42

Updated: 2022-09-26T09:15:03

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team brings a total overhaul of the team spirit system and marks one of the biggest changes to a core FUT feature that fans have seen in many years. The game’s design director, Kantcho Doskov, explained the thinking behind the changes and addressed some of the early confusion.

Football fans around the world are finally diving into FIFA 23 for the first time and the annual Ultimate Team rut has started again. Of all the exciting new features in the mode in FIFA 23, the most important change players will notice once they launch Ultimate Team is the revamped team spirit system.

The tried and true setup, where players in the formation connected with the people around them, has been scrapped, with each member of the starting 11 now offering links to every other player on the team.

Players are now assigned a team spirit score of three, based on how many of their teammates share a league, country or club with them. This means that managers must now consider distant factors if they want to achieve perfect harmony within their team.

In an interview with Dexerto, Kantcho Doskov, FIFA 23’s director of gameplay, gave some insight into why such an essential feature has been revised after all this time.

“Even as a fan I play Ultimate Team, every year I try to build my favorite fantasy squad. But the thing is, in the past I often couldn’t bet players I wanted because they didn’t fit into the previous system,” explains Doskov.

“The most interesting thing for me is that I can now bring together certain players that might not bond well in the old system. So it gives more options and more variety in the types of squads you can build – that’s why I’m excited. ”

As you can probably imagine, fans who have grown accustomed to the same Chemistry system for some time are struggling to adapt. After both the web app and early access for creators went live, key figures in the FUT community said they still didn’t know how to achieve maximum team spirit within their squads and in SBCs.

Asked about fans’ struggles to navigate the new system, Kantcho Doskov said the team expected some early teething problems, but he thinks players will embrace the change in the long run.

“I think there’s a bit of a learning curve because it’s been one way for so many years and it’s completely different now. You have to try a few things, it takes some time. But I think once people get it, it will be very satisfying to build those different versions of squads that you can do before.”

There’s no doubt that Chemistry in FIFA 23 is a huge departure from what FUT fans are used to, but time will tell if fans will adopt the revamped system and make the most of the flexibility the developers are trying to give them.

FIFA 23 launches worldwide on September 30, and with a boatload of top-rated stars and SBCs available on day one, players won’t have to wait too long to try out the new squad build.

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