FIFA 23 Players Discover EA Flaw With Meta Long AcceleRATE Trait

published: 2022-10-06T15:17:41

Updated: 2022-10-06T15:17:41

FIFA 23 players have discovered an EA bug that could prevent players from making their players “tall” as the Metatempo Ultimate Team feature continues to dominate.

Ever since FIFA 23 came out in late September, the entire Ultimate Team community has been clamoring about the long tempo feature, part of the new AcceleRATE game mechanic.

While there are some players who naturally have it as a result of their status and in-game stats, other players can be made “long-lasting” with the right chemistry style. This makes them strong, difficult to dispossess and, according to some players, better.

This is because chemistry styles amplify certain attributes, but on October 5, players noticed an issue about the specific requirements to make a player tall.

EA error with long AcceleRATE property

In the first official FIFA 23 patch notes, English speaking players noted that the official EA notes mentioned that a 14 rating difference between Strength and Agility is needed to achieve a “long” rating.

However, the German version of the pitch notes presented the values ​​differently, stating that cards must have a Strength that is 15 rating points or higher than their Agility rating.

As such, players have been confused about the exact requirements to make their players tall.

It seems that the original idea of ​​a 14 stat difference is incorrect, which explains why some players couldn’t make their cards long despite meeting the apparent requirements.

Basically, it seems that players need to achieve a rating difference of 15 between Strength and Agility.

It makes it a little harder for cards to get tall if they aren’t naturally, but as was the case before, an Architect chemistry style is the most reliable way to boost the card (with a +15 Strength bonus) and provide you with that desired meta AcceleRATE property.

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