FIFA 23 Set Pieces Explained: Penalties, Free Kicks and Corners

. Last updated: July 27, 2022

FIFA 23 is set to completely overhaul the way players take set pieces, giving them more control than ever before. We’ve explained how to take penalties, free kicks and corners in FIFA 23.

EA Sports is clearly planning to send out the FIFA series with a bang in FIFA 23 as they have confirmed that some fan-requested features will be added.

Crossplay will be available for the first time from launch, allowing players on different consoles to compete against each other, although Pro Clubs are still awaiting support. Women’s club teams will also make their debut, which is a huge step forward for inclusivity in the series.

However, one of the biggest changes in FIFA 23 is the way game rules work. With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide to how penalties, free kicks and corners work in FIFA 23.


FIFA 23 Free Kicks

In FIFA 23, the reticle to which players have become accustomed is gone, replaced by a more precise line that shows you the first flight of the ball. The left stick moves the line, allowing you to aim the shot into the corner of the net with pinpoint accuracy.

Meanwhile, the right stick adjusts where the taker will hit the ball, which affects the spin and type of shot. While FIFA 22 took quite a bit of guesswork about what kind of shot would be fired, in FIFA 23 there’s text below the ball explaining whether you’re putting a knuckle ball or a curling iron inside.

Once you’re happy with the direction, just hold down the shoot button to determine whether the player places or hits the ball.

As was the case last year, you can take another shot just before foot hits the ball to give the shot an extra degree of accuracy. However, if you tune this incorrectly, it will most likely flash over the bar and into the stand.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to take free kicks in FIFA 23:

  1. Use the left stick to choose a direction
  2. Choose a shot type and apply spin with the right stick
  3. Press and hold the record button to make the recording more powerful
  4. Press shoot again to activate Timed Finishing
  5. Wheel away in party
Havertz in FIFA 23


FIFA 23 introduces some massive changes to the gameplay of the series.

FIFA 23 Corners

FIFA 23 corners work much the same as free kicks, except you throw the ball into the penalty area instead of over a wall of defenders. A line mimics where the ball goes over the first few yards.

The left stick controls the direction, while the right stick adjusts where the rider will hit the ball, which affects the type of ball.

For example, players can choose to play a swinging corner to lure the keeper to run off his line by hitting the right or left side of the ball, or have one float to the back post and put their foot under it. to get.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to taking corners in FIFA 23:

  1. Use the left stick to choose a direction
  2. Choose a cross by rotating the right stick
  3. Press and hold the cross button to turn on the cross
  4. Press shoot again to activate Timed Finishing

FIFA 23 penalties

Sanctions have been drastically changed in FIFA 23, in an effort to recreate the pressure and difficulty players face in real life. The window to target penalties has been significantly shortened and timing is more important than ever.

Before a penalty is taken, a small circle will surround the ball, repeatedly starting small and increasing in size. To execute the perfect, accurate penalty, players must press shoot when the circle is smallest.

The speed at which the circle moves depends on how skilled the taker is at penalties and how important a moment is. For example, the deciding penalty of a shootout will be more difficult than a consolation goal when trailing 4-0.

Holding down the shoot starts the ramp and also determines how much power is used. Players must then use the left stick to aim the shot before making contact with the ball.

Here’s another recap of FIFA 23 penalty shooting:

  1. If you are over the penalty, look at the circle around the ball
  2. Press shoot when the circle is smallest to start the run
  3. Hold R1/RB or L1/LB to perform a finesse or chipshot
  4. Use the left stick to aim the shot before hitting the ball

There you have it! That’s all you need to know about set pieces in FIFA 23. To learn more, check out some of our other guides:

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