FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Season 1: FUT Rewards and End Date

Nathan Warby

published: 2022-09-26T13:37:00

Updated: 2022-09-26T13:37:11

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Season 1 has landed, giving FUT fans 30 levels of shiny rewards to work through. Here’s every reward in FUT 23 Season 1, as well as the start date for Season 2.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is out in the wild and players are already toiling as they try to build the team of their dreams. With the new FUT Moments mode and a host of SBCs already live, there’s no shortage of ways to get your hands on top-rated talent.

When coins and FIFA points are hard to come by, you can always rely on the season’s progress to earn a steady stream of rewards, and FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Season 1 is already underway.

See all the rewards in FUT 23 Season 1, as well as how long you need to claim them all before Season 2 starts.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Season 1 Rewards

EA is sticking to a similar format in this year’s game, allowing players to progress through 30 levels in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Season 1.

Like a Battle Pass, XP is earned through in-game objectives, and each new level unlocks a new reward, from tifos and cosmetics to special Storyline player cards. However, what sets it apart from games like Fortnite is that the season’s progression is completely free and every reward is available to every player.

Many levels also have a choice of up to three items, allowing FUT fans to customize their rewards to their liking.

Check out the full list of rewards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Season 1 below.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Season 1 End Date, Season 2 Start Date

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Season 1 runs to thursday 10 novembergive players around six weeks to unlock every reward up for grabs.

On this day at 7am GMT / 11pm PT / 2pm ETSeason 1 comes to an end and Season 2 kicks off right away, with 30 brand new levels of prizes to burn through.

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