Flagship NVIDIA “Ada” SKU with 18176 cores and 48GB memory

Kopite7kimi has done it again. We have some leaked specs of NVIDIA’s RTX 40 GPU. According to the leakster, the new GPU will be based on the AD102 model and will come with an all-new board design. Instead of the PG139, it will contain the PG137. There are also rumors that NVIDIA is working on a new three-fan design for the RTX 40 series, which makes it very likely that this particular flagship model will be the first card to come with this kind of cooling solution and also a new PCB.

Given that the card is rumored to have a massive 800W TDP, this new cooling solution would definitely be needed. This is quite higher than the TDP of RTX 4090 at 450W. With increasing power requirements, NVIDIA may very well launch the first reference design along with dual 16-pin power connectors.

Moving on, the SKU comes with 142 streaming multiprocessors, making a total of 18176 CUDA cores, which is 11% more than the number on the RTX 4090. The RTX 40 GPU is also said to have a 48GB GDDR6X memory. At 24 Gbps, it is also faster than the memory on RTX 4090, allowing for a massive 1.1 TB/s bandwidth.

An interesting and important thing to note is that the leakster did not mention the name of the model on the map. It could very well be the new RTX 4090 Ti or even the new TITAN model. It is also possible that this model will never be released, which is extremely low given Kopite’s previous track record.

According to Kopite, NVIDIA will soon unveil the RTX 4090. So far, the rumors point to an October launch for the RTX 4090.

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