Former Xbox Boss “Stimulated” Console Wars With Sony’s PlayStation

. Last updated: July 30, 2022

Former Xbox executive Peter Moore claims Microsoft has “encouraged” the console wars to challenge itself and Sony.

The console wars have been waging between the superpowers of video games for the past two decades. Microsoft and Sony – with Nintendo occasionally snagging – have been the main competitors in “next-gen” console gaming.

Over the years, this war has evolved with various tactics used to entice players. AAA exclusive console titles such as Halo and God of War are selling points for any company’s console, often leading to players having to choose which franchises they can live with.

In more recent years, Sony and Microsoft have turned to acquisitions and bought major publishers and developers to ensure their platform has the best exclusive titles. And thanks to some insight from a former Xbox executive, Microsoft may have had a hand in how far this war escalated.

Peter Moore Encourages Console Wars

In 2003, Microsoft’s Xbox division developed the Xbox 360. In just two years, the company would launch its second-generation gaming consoles that really introduced the world to online gaming, racing them against their main competitor Sony and the PS3.

Former Xbox executive Peter Moore was a recent guest on the Front Office Sports podcast where he discussed his time with Sega, Xbox and EA. Podcast host Ernest Baker brought up the topic of console wars, stating, “People love rivalry. It adds entertainment to the conversation. It’s an ideological battle and that’s what draws people to it.”

To this Moore replied, “We built and encouraged the console wars. Not to create division, but to challenge each other. When I say each other, I mean Microsoft and Sony.

“If Microsoft hadn’t stuck to the course after the Xbox, after the Red Rings of Death, gaming would be a worse place for it. You wouldn’t have the competition you have today – two big giants like Microsoft and Sony investing billions of dollars each. It’s good for gaming”

Moore went on to claim that the console wars are great for the industry and gamers alike. He also mentioned his joy at seeing Nintendo and the success of the Switch console. “The industry has never been this healthy,” Moore said.

After his time at Sega and then Xbox, Moore would join EA Sports as President and later COO. While the Xbox 360 and PS3 may be relics of the past, the console wars ignited around that era are still ongoing.

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