Forsen explodes at Twitch Chat’s ‘bad’ advice to help fix Warzone 2 crashes

Published: 2022-11-25T07:46:29

Updated: 2022-11-25T07:47:09

A day after his computer crashed while playing Warzone 2, Twitch streamer Hans ‘Forsen’ Fors exploded during his Twitch chat for giving poorly worded advice.

The new Call of Duty Warzone 2 was released on November 16. During the initial launch, the game struggled with server instability. This caused a host of problems ranging from dying instantly in the Gulag, falling through the card, and even completely crashing users’ PCs.

The popular Twitch Streamer Forsen also experienced problems on his own side. While he was streaming and preparing to start a match, his entire computer crashed. Others experienced similar issues, leading NVDIA to release a driver update in an attempt to correct the problem. Knowing this, many Twitch users tried to notify Forsen about the driver update.

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Badly worded advice from a viewer

While watching another content creator’s YouTube video, Forsen received a donation.

The donation read, “That’s a big deal, you re*ard streamer. 26 year old drivers, that’s a problem. It’s impossible to stream, you dirty streamer. You know, rubbish, rubbish, useless streamer,” the automated voice read.

Forsen remained silent as the message was read, blinking in disbelief and preparing his own thoughts.

After the message ended, Forsen replied, “No. Your brain is fucking useless.

“Want to know when was the last time I updated my damn drivers and booted my PC for Windows Update? Yesterday, before the Warzone stream. Check mother f**king mate.”

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The streamer goes on to rant, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it you stupid bastards, talking about updating drivers every other Friday when I’m busy fucking your mom.

“It doesn’t do shit, it just makes things worse. As evident from yesterday’s damn blue screen. Fuck you, and fuck your driver update.

It’s unclear if updating the drivers would actually help Forsen’s predicament, but many bystanders, including some members of /rlivestreamfails, seem to believe it does.

“He’s kind of right about the phones, but yeah, he’s pretty much a turbo boomer right now,” one Reddit noted.

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“Boomers buying a new PC instead of reinstalling Windows,” another user commented.

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