Fortnite Chapter 4 leak reveals Titanfall feature coming in future update

Published: 2022-12-07T18:35:12

Updated: 2022-12-07T18:35:12

According to a recent leak, a future Fortnite update may add wall running and other Titanfall-esque movement mechanics to the battle royale.

To the delight of many players, Epic Games has experimented quite a bit with movement in previous Fortnite updates.

For example, the arrival of Chapter 3 introduced Spider-Man to the world of Fortnite, which in turn unleashed web-swing abilities.

Notably, that same content rollout also added sliding mechanics into the mix. The ability to shoot and build while sliding only enhanced the feature’s overall usefulness. And now it looks like a new movement upgrade will change the way players maneuver around the map.

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Leak suggests wall running is coming to Fortnite

Reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX recently reported that three new movement mechanics are in the works for Fortnite. Wall running counts as one such feature, jumping sliding and double jumping round out the list.

The leaker that while they’re not sure what the jump slide will entail, it’s possible that double jumping could be an “upcoming Augment/Perk”.

Understandably, fans seem most interested in news that wall running could be coming with a future update. “By the nine… They’re turning Fortnite into Titanfall,” one Twitter user replied to the above tweet. “Yes, I would love to wall run,” another Fortnite player typed in all caps.

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A Titanfall fan suggested that the jump slide mechanics could work similarly to the bunny hopping feature in Titanfall 2.

Whether or not these alleged additions will go live during Fortnite Chapter 4 is not yet known. It’s also worth noting that Epic Games itself has yet to confirm the veracity of this particular leak.

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