Fortnite Chapter 4 teaser reveals Mr Beast, DOOM, My Hero Academia & Witcher collaborations

Published: 2022-12-03T22:37:03

Updated: 2022-12-03T22:37:13

Fortnite Chapter 4’s Fracture event teaser showcased a number of collaborations, including Mr Beast, Doom Slayer, My Hero Academia, and The Witcher.

Fortnite’s latest season kicks off sometime around December 4, and information is being released about what to expect. The teaser for this new update shows off a wealth of new additions that are likely to delight fans as they get to see some of their favorite characters make the leap into the multiverse.

Whether you’re looking for My Hero Academia’s most lavish hero or a grumpy old Witcher, it seems there’s something for everyone in this upcoming makeover for the iconic game.

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Fortnite Chapter 4 teases DOOM, Mr Beast and Witcher collaborations.

When the event went live, fans no time wasted when collecting screenshots of the new additions to the game.

Names like Mr Beast and Geralt of Rivia are at the top of the list, but the current images are far from the final product. Other notable Fortnite teasers include Doom Slayer, The Incredible Hulk, and even a pickaxe very similar to All Might from My Hero Academia.

Mr Beast has his own little feature where he can be seen falling through space and heading to the remixed version of the Fortnite island where players can land when Fracture goes live.

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These are just a few early hints at what the new Fortnite season has in store, but there’s no question that Epic Games has more up its sleeve that they haven’t let fans know about yet.

While this is all very exciting, it’s important to remember that there will likely be downtime as the developers prepare the world to enter a whole new era.

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