Fortnite fans claim Chapter 4 Battle Pass rewards are a huge “glow up” from past seasons

Published: 2022-12-04T23:54:01

Updated: 2022-12-04T23:54:11

Fortnite Chapter 4 has arrived and the new Battle Pass is already a huge success. So much so that fans are claiming it could be the biggest ‘glow-up’ in the game’s history.

Fortnite has dropped a lot of new content into the game with Chapter 4. From a new map to an updated look thanks to Unreal Engine 5, there are a lot of goodies for players to check out when they first load into the game after the update.

While the Shockwave Hammer steals much of the early spotlight overall, the new Battle Pass hasn’t completely escaped the spotlight, and fans are over the moon about the new interface and all the rewards available this time around.

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Fortnite fans praise the design and rewards of Chapter 4 Battle Pass

The big points of praise for this Chapter were the focus on original creations and cosmetics over the collaborations that have filled the most recent passes. While there are some crossovers this time around, they clear a bar of quality over quantity for many of the most vocal fans to date.

“We finally have a story related Tier 100 (looks like it’s a Geno Snapshot) with a cool armor style similar to the old Chapter 1 Tier 100s,” said a Fortnite player. “There are real men’s skins instead of men being animals or creatures and the women’s skins aren’t just shirts and jeans… Best hitting pass since C2S7.”

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Another Fortnite played said it’s their “favorite battle pass ever” mainly thanks to the Doom Slayer skin and that the rest of the pass is a “10/10”.

The skins aren’t the only draw either. The other cosmetics also receive rave reviews.

“What’s best for me is that not only are the skins great, but so are their accessories,” said one passionate fan.

It’s always a nice boost for Fortnite when the Battle Pass brings something new and Chapter 4 seems to be off to a good start across the board.

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