Fortnite player reveals easy way to complete Kinetic Ore quest

Published: 2022-12-30T21:47:32

Updated: 2022-12-30T21:47:48

A Fortnite player has shown off a way to “easily” complete the Kinetic Ore quest in the currently ongoing Week 4 challenge.

Since the start of Chapter 4 Season 1, Epic Games has been rolling out new weekly challenges for players to participate in for a limited time.

The latest of such challenges went live a few days ago, with one quest requiring users to travel a certain distance using the Kinetic Ore element.

It’s a fairly simple executive, but some might find it a bit time consuming. Fortunately, a Fortnite player has come across an easier way to accomplish the task.

Fortnite’s Kinetic Ore quest made easy with a special hammer

To travel on Kinetic Ore in Fortnite’s Week 4 challenge, players must first activate the element by hitting it multiple times with their pickaxe.

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But Reddit user Existing-Complex-932 has an easier solution for generating the purple ore. According to the Redditor, players only need to use a Shockwave Hammer, as demonstrated in the following video clip:

As shown in the gameplay footage, a single blow from the powerful hammer sends the Kinetic Ore on its way. At the very least, the Shockwave Hammer method should speed things up for those taking on Fortnite’s Kinetic Ore quest.

Like any other set of objectives in Fortnite’s Week 4 challenges, completing “Distance Travel with Kinetic Ore” will reward large amounts of XP. (This particular quest is worth a total of 16,000 XP.) Many players will want to take advantage of the limited time opportunity.

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Other missions in week 4 include taming or hunting wildlife, hunting animals 10 times in a match, and gaining 50 health/shields by jumping on Sky Jellies.

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