Fortnite Players Think They Found a Secret Among Us Easter Egg

Fortnite players have been waiting for an Among Us collab for several months, but some eagle-eyed fans think they’ve found a secret crossover Easter egg.

When Among Us became hugely popular in 2020, many games jumped at the chance to create their own knock-off modes. Fortnite created its own social deduction mode and the Among Us developers were disappointed with the lack of any real collaboration.

Fortnite has made a habit of partnering with popular video games, and many fans of both games expected some sort of Among Us collaboration. However, that was not the case.

Until October 2021, when Fortnite tweeted on Among Us asking if they wanted to work on something together. It’s been several months since Epix Games extended the olive branch, but there’s no word from either studio.

Fortnite’s Secret Among Us Easter Egg

Players have been patiently waiting for the announcement of skins, cosmetics or a game mode in collaboration with Among Us. Still, some players think the collab they’ve been waiting for is hiding under their feet.

User FunnyCobra002 posted an image on the r/FortNiteBR subreddit that showed a bird’s eye view of the Chapter 3 island. The island was outlined in red to show the shape of a crew member below us.

Comments on the post agreed that the map looked “sus” and others complained that they would never be able to see the impostor on the map.

Ironically, this isn’t the first time players thought the Fortnite map looked like one of our crew members. During Chapter 2, a similar image of the outline of a cheater circulated the internet, leaving everyone feeling “sussy.”

We already have a Among Us collab 😂 from FortNiteBR

The map’s different colored regions make the similarities uncanny, much more so than the Chapter 2 map comparison. But it makes some players wonder where the collab that was teased actually is.

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