Fortnite Season 4 teasers will soon reveal new skins and crossovers

Epic Games has released several teasers for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, some of which confirm previous leaks and rumors.

Leaks regarding Fortnite’s highly anticipated Season 4 update hit the web weeks ago. One such leak claimed Spider-Gwen from Into the Spider-Verse would be joining the roster soon.

Another hinted at a Goth Meowscles skin for the beloved humanoid cat character. Of course, Epic Games was silent, leaving players to constantly guess at the truth of the incessant leaks.

With Season 4 going live in the coming days, the development team has finally started lighting up what’s in store in the next update.

Fans Search for Meaning in Official Fortnite Season 4 Teasers

Today, September 14, Epic Games uploaded “Placeholder Store Art” to several digital storefronts. A total of four photos have gone live, all hinting at the new content in Fortnite Season 4.

According to the Fortnite-focused Twitter account, iFireMonkey, an image of Meowscles’ hand coming out of liquid chrome, originally surfaced on the Epic Games Store. This photo supposedly confirms rumors about the Goth Meowscles skin.

A second teaser head to the PlayStation Store around the same time and show Spider-Gwen’s hand reaching out from the gleaming gunk.

The Nintendo Store played host to the third image, which offers a glimpse into Remixed Paradigm. Finally, the fourth and final of Epic’s Season 4 teasers for Fortnite came in the form of a chrome hand via the Xbox Store.

As iFireMonkey noted in a subsequent Twitter post, fans pointed out that the chrome hand suits the art of a “concept skin from the surveys.”

So far, it looks like the Battle Pass for Season 4 will at least feature Spider-Gwen, Goth Meowscles (or his son Kit), an alternate Paradigm, and the unnamed research character.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is expected to kick off on Sunday, September 18.

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