Fortnite’s Sky Jellies locations and week 4 challenge explained

Published: 2022-12-28T21:43:33

Updated: 2022-12-28T21:43:53

Week 4 challenges for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 recently went live, so here’s what players need to know about the Sky Jellies quest.

Fortnite’s Weekly Challenges refresh every Tuesday at 6:00 AM PT. Those who complete the limited-time objectives unlock rewards in the form of hefty XP payouts.

As such, it’s beneficial for regular players to take part in the challenges, which range from hunting a select number of wildlife in a single match to dealing damage with certain weapons.

One of the quests for week 4 charges users with gaining health or shields through interactions with Sky Jellies. Here’s what users need to know when dealing with the floating critters in question.

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Fortnite’s Sky Jellies explained

Sky Jellies appear as jellyfish-like creatures from which a bright blue light emanates. Players have encountered them while exploring Fortnite Chapter 4, perhaps stopping to gawk at the aesthetically pleasing little critters.

But in addition to adding color to the environment, Sky Jellies have a practical use as players can use them to restore health and shields.

fortnite sky jelliesEpic games

A lonely Sky Jelly

Where to find Sky Jellies in Chapter 4

Unlike some of the other tasks in Fortnite’s Week 4 challenges, there’s no set place to find this special brand of jellyfish.

Sky Jellies randomly spawn across the island, though they are most often seen in warm weather areas.

The eternally autumnal Anvil Square and Citadel locations therefore serve as good places for players to check out. Greener spaces like the Faulty Splits and Frenzy Fields also work.

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How to complete the Sky Jellies challenge in Fortnite

The latest batch of weekly challenges includes a quest that prompts users with “gain[ing] health or shields against jumping on Sky Jellies.

Gaining 50 health and shields from the action rewards players with 16,000 XP. Fortunately, the search is quite simple. Users just need to find a Sky Jellies and then jump on it enough to earn 50 health or shields. YouTuber Comrad3s demonstrates how the search works in the following video:

Completing Weekly Challenges in Fortnite has proven to be a relatively easy way to earn XP quickly. Fans would do well to take part in the quests while staying live.

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