Fortune’s Keep Lobby Expanded in Warzone Season 5

warzones Fortune’s Keep has established itself as one of the most popular maps since its introduction, and Raven is increasing the number of players in all game modes in Season 5.

The addition of Fortune’s Keep has been welcomed with open arms by the community since its debut in Warzone Season 4. As a smaller, more forgiving option for Caldera matches, players quickly took to the new map, calling it “better than Rebirth Island.”

One of the most common calls was for Raven to increase the number of players so that even players could fall to Fortune’s Keep in a single match. Their wishes were briefly met in July when the lobby was raised, but this was part of a temporary mode and they soon returned to the original setup.

Now, in Warzone Season 5, the final chapter before Modern Warfare 2 arrives, the developers have made the decision to increase player numbers across the board on Fortune’s Keep.

Prior to the Season 5 update, Fortune’s Keep could only accommodate up to 40 players in quads, and slightly more in smaller squad matches:

  • Solo: 47
  • Duos: 46
  • Threesomes: 45
  • quad bike: 40

Going forward, Raven has opted to increase the lobbies in each different mode to make games even more frenetic, with Quads allowing 52 players to invade simultaneously.

We’ve listed a full breakdown of the number of new players below:

  • Solos: 50 players
  • Duos: 50 players
  • Trios: 51 players
  • Quads: 52 players

These new lobby formats should make use of Fortune’s Keep, slightly larger than Rebirth Island and ensure that the next battle is never too far away.

That’s not the only change coming to the map in Warzone Season 5. The developers have also confirmed that they are increasing the availability of Supply Boxes during matches, meaning it should be much easier to find weapons, Killstreaks, and cash from the jump.

Warzone Season 5 may be the last season of the Battle Royale as we know it, but it’s great to see the developers making improvements right through to the end.

With a revamped Caldera and Umbrella Academy crossover to look forward to, Season 5 just might be the best yet.

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