Fourth Apple Store opened in South Korea

Apple Jamsil opened today in Seoul, with a press release accompanying the event.

Apple Store

Apple’s fourth branch in South Korea has opened its doors to the public. Apple Jamsil can be found in the Lotte World Mall in the Songpa-gu district.

The design of the storefront is open and has large glass panels, and the cabinets, walls and tables are all made of wood panels. As far as employees are concerned, the Apple Store has 115 employees who together master ten languages.

The Apple Store has a takeout counter and side tables for product demos. Today at Apple sessions can be held comfortably and with plenty of space between guests.

The store hosts a special ‘Walking Session’ event, which takes customers on a video walk and an art walk respectively, as well as a photo walk at Seokchon Lake, film classes and outdoor portraits.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also supported the store opening with a congratulatory tweet.

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