Foxconn launches subsidy bonus to retain employees

Apple partner Foxconn recently launched a program to entice its employees to stay.


Foxconn has offered a grant of 6,000 yuan, or about $862, for employees who show up for 23 days in January next year, according to a South China Morning Post. Along the same lines, the company will provide a grant of $718 if they stay from January 1 to March 20. The only requirement is that they must be valid employees and remain in the Zhengzhou iPhone factory.

Last month, workers at the plant started a riot over poor conditions, as well as claims that Foxconn planned to delay bonus payments. In the end, the Apple supplier paid more than 20,000 employees to leave.

Foxconn will remain an Apple supplier, although Apple plans to move some of its production to another region. Production of iPads has moved to Vietnam, with assembly of the future MacBook Pro in the works.

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