Foxconn offers rioting workers $1,400 to quit

Chinese chip maker Foxconn has approached a monetary reward for defiant workers, but at the cost of leaving the company.


Following the row over COVID confinement conditions, thousands of Foxconn workers have taken to the streets to voice their concerns. Failure to pay bonuses was believed to be the cause of the workers’ action, but subsequently Foxconn executives claimed it was a “technical error.”

Now Foxconn has offered $1,400 or 10,000 yuan to protesters in addition to their departure, according to Reuters. One source reported that more than 20,000 employees have taken over and left the company. It is believed that the new hires were not part of the production lines and that the 20,000 who took up the offer were part of the riot that took place last week.

China’s state government recently said the company needed an additional 100,000 workers to keep up production.

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