Foxconn riot equals 6 million lost iPhone 14 units

Bloomberg reports that the recent riots at the Foxconn manufacturing plant will cause a shortfall in iPhone 14 production.

iPhone 14 units

The Zhengzhou-based facility houses Apple’s iPhone production and was hit by worker unrest last week. The unforeseen delay added to a disruption to the schedule, which was already impacted by the region’s strict lockdown policies.

As such, Apple lowered its production target from 90 million to 87 million units. Foxconn claims it could still make up for the loss by 2023.

Due to tensions between China and the US, as well as extended lockdowns, Apple has begun to look to other regions for product assembly and production.

The Cupertino-based company is already setting up an iPhone 14 factory in India, aiming to have 25 percent of all production outside of China by 2025. Apple currently produces five percent outside of China.

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