France penalizes Apple for data protection breach

Regulators in France fined Apple 8 million euros for targeted ads in the App Store.


The region’s CNIL, or National Commission for Informatics and Freedom, reported that Apple failed to get iPhone users’ approval before showing them targeted ads, which kicked in in iOS 14.6.

CNIL alleges that the Cupertino-based company used collected data for advertising, which led the French users to take actions to disable their advertising settings. The governing body ruled that Apple did not enforce Article 82 of the Personal Data Protection Act, which led to a fine of 8 million euros.

Apple defended itself by saying the company is “disappointed” with the decision and plans to appeal. Apple argued that users were given a “clear choice” whether or not to agree to personalized ads. Apple further claims that only first-hand data is used to show iPhone users tailored ads.

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