G.SKILL Announces MD2 Series Mid-Tower PC Enclosures

G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the MD2 mid-tower PC case, a stylish ATX case designed for high-performance builds, with a sleek front panel design. Available in black or white, the MD2 mid-tower enclosure is designed for versatile cooling options, a spacious interior and comes with a 4mm tempered glass side panel to show off the internal system hardware.

The front panel design of the MD2 case is inspired by the S-curves of race tracks and includes side vents for better airflow to keep the internal components cool. The RGB lighting on the front panel is designed with a spring-loaded contact, rather than wiring, for easy removal and access during front fan installation or cleaning of the front magnetic filter.

Versatile cooling options
The spacious interior of the MD2 case offers a variety of cooling configuration options to keep internal components cool, with room for up to 7 case fans along the front, top and back of the case, or up to two 360 at the same time. mm water-cooling radiators.

Spacious interior design
Designed for high-end hardware components, the MD2 enclosure supports graphics cards up to 395mm in length and supports CPU air coolers up to 170mm in height. The MD2 enclosure also offers ample installation options for storage drives with up to two 2.5-inch SSD mounts and two convertible 2.5-inch/3.5 drive bays.

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