GALAX Announces HOF GH1300 V 1300W PSU With Dual 12VHPWR Connectors For RTX 4090

The most recent generation of NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards are not the easiest to operate in a typical PC setup. This is despite odd AIB partner customizations and power profiles pushing wattage needs to the brink. Galax seems to be trying to solve this problem by releasing a Hall of Fame 1300-watt power supply that would pair well with the newly unveiled Hall of Fame 4090.

In early November, photos of the Galax GeForce RTX 4090 Hall of Fame’s bare circuit board surfaced online. The Galax Hall of Fame 4090 can consume more than a kilowatt at peak times, which is so much power it almost needs its own power source, according to the calculations we made at the time using the information from the photo. However, this number will never be achieved in practice and the two 12VHPWR connections (each 600W) will not become fully saturated either.

Either way, that’s still a significant amount of power, requiring a robust power source. As a result, the Galax Hall of Fame 1300W power supply appeared on Taobao and was discovered by the IT Home team. Amidst competition from manufacturers like Seasonic, EVGA and Silverstone, the Hall of Fame GH1300’s price of 1899.00 (about $275 at the time of writing) makes it a potentially tempting option. In addition, the offering is stated to have an efficiency of 92%, placing it entirely in the 80 Plus Platinum category. Plus, it includes a 10-year warranty and other cool features like a fan switch.

Unfortunately, this power supply has not yet been released in the United States, but we may see an announcement at CES, which is coming soon. In any case, this is a unique product that would probably only be fully used by a few dedicated individuals, but it’s still great to see. If you want to see this as much as we do, keep an eye on our CES coverage.

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