Gallaudet University starting address to be provided by Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently accepted an invitation to deliver the opening address at Gallaudet University.

Tim cooks

Gallaudet University is an educational institution for the deafblind, deaf and hard of hearing. A Twitter exchange revealed a video of Molly Feanny, a student speaker at Gallaudet, inviting Cook to speak on May 13 for the school’s 152nd start.

In the minute-long video, Feanny said in American Sign Language that she (the university) would be honored if Cook delivered the opening address, accompanied by a voiceover and subtitles.

Cook reacted to Twitter and said he would be honored to accept the invitation. Following the confirmation, the university issued a formal press release in which Cook was highly regarded by Roberta Cordano, president of Gallaudet University.

The 152nd Commencement will be the first in-person ceremony held in Gallaudet since the onset of COVID. Cook’s last inaugural address was at Ohio State University in 2020.

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