GeForce GTX 2080 prototype graphics card spotted with support for Ray Tracing

At the launch of NVIDIA’s GeForce 20 series in August 2018, the company’s CEO, Jensen Huang, jokingly said something about the announcement of a GTX 1180 graphics card. The rumors then were about a GeForce RTX branding that would debut soon. This GTX model never made it to the market, but we have reason to believe that it wasn’t just a joke, but that NVIDIA was planning to launch the GTX brand anyway.

A Reddit user recently stumbled upon what appears to be a technical example of the GTX 2080 graphics card. The card has the same reference cooler design, with the GTX branding. There is no logo on the front or back plate that says it is 2080.

It looks like the card was bought from eBay for just $360. The prototype resembles the map posted by the user on Reddit. The seller has used these cards for crypto mining. The sticker on the back states that it is a PG180 board, the same board that is on the RTX 2080 graphics card.

It’s not often we see NVIDIA prototypes; they are extremely rare, especially for the gaming series and the Founders Edition. The card’s performance matches that of the retail unit, so gamers would treat it just like any other GPU, while enthusiasts would appreciate it as a collector’s item.

Via Reddit

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