Get Steam Replay 2022: Recap your most played games

Published: 2022-12-27T06:45:00

Updated: 2022-12-27T05:36:28

Steam Replay is the gaming platform’s new way to recap your most played games of 2022. See how many hours you’ve played, as well as the number of games and achievements you’ve earned by following these instructions.

Almost every service has some sort of summary these days. Want to see your Spotify Wrapped, your Twitch Recap, or even how many hours you’ve dumped into Valorant? You can do all that, and now you can even do it on Steam with the all-new Steam Replay.

The publishing platform, which will launch in 2022, challenges users because of their gaming habits. Whether you play one game over and over, are an indie connoisseur, or a performance hunter, the Steam Replay goes through it all.

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If you want to see what you’ve played in the past year, here’s how to check out your own Steam Replay for 2022.

How to see your Steam Replay 2022

Accessing your Steam Replay for 2022 couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Steam.
  2. Go to the Steam Replay landing page
  3. Click through to see your summary, including your most played games and hours per month

You can choose to make your stats public and share them with your friends (or the rest of the world), or keep them all to yourself.

What stats are in your Steam Replay 2022?

Steam Replay 2022 goes through some stats. The most important ones, of course, are the number of games you’ve played and how much time you’ve spent on each one.

Steam takes it a step further by breaking it down by your most played games, including the number of sessions you’ve played, and a monthly breakdown of when you were most active.

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Tiny Tina's Wonderland on Steam ReplaySteam

The stats in your Steam Replay 2022 go pretty deep.

There are also smaller metrics it tracks. It tracks the number of achievements you’ve completed during the year, your longest play streak, and which era of games you prefer ⁠ – broken down into new, recent, and classic releases.

If you want to check it all out for yourself, log in and get your annual Steam Replay now.

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