Get the Apple Pencil 2 for $30 off

Apple’s latest Pencil model drops to a new low. Today, you can pick up the Apple Pencil 2 for just $99 off its original $130 price on Amazon.

Apple pencil 2

The Apple Pencil can be used in just about every aspect of work and play. Students can take notes, while professionals can make changes or do some graphic design.

Regardless of the purpose, you’ll love how the stylus draws on paper and offers pixel-perfect precision, with pressure and tilt sensitivity for those who need it. The accessory can serve as your pencil, charcoal, brush or creative tool and on the go.

Storing the pencil is easy: just magnetically attach it to the iPad Air, iPad Pro or iPad mini (6th generation) and it stays there. Wireless charging is supported and the battery is enough to last all day.

Get the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation for just $99 today!

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