Get the Otterbox AirTag Key Fob Case with 30% off

Protect and extend the form and function of your AirTag with a 30% discount. Today, the OtterBox Sleek AirTag case has dropped to just $10.43 from its original $15 price on Amazon.

AirTag Keychain Case

The Otterbox case’s ‘tight’ label is true to its shape, as it only adds a bit of thickness when the Apple tracker is placed inside. The case serves as excellent protection against everyday scratches, bumps and even the occasional drop on the pavement.

The OtterBox case shows off the engraved emojis and initials so you can still identify your personalized AirTag. It can accommodate a carabiner to attach to your bag, backpack or briefcase when needed.

The case is easy to put on and ensures a good fit. After that, you now have a stronger AirTag you can rely on to find your essential items.

Get the OtterBox Sleek Tracker Case for Apple AirTag today for only $10.43!

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