Gigabyte Confirms All 22 Intel 13th Gen Core Processors

Gigabyte has posted detailed information about their latest premium Intel Z790 series motherboards on their website. In fact, the company is already verifying the full line of Intel 13th Gen Core Series CPUs before Intel.

With only 6 models available with or without integrated graphics, Intel’s 13th Gen K Series SKUs will be released next week. These 125W TDP SKUs are unlocked for overclocking, making them the best option for Intel enthusiasts. Those who cannot afford the K-series or want less powerful CPUs with TDPs of 65W or 35W will have to wait a little longer. Intel has not yet announced when further SKUs will be launched. However, at least sixteen more CPUs will be released soon.

A leak on the Gigabyte website has confirmed the launch of twenty-two 13th-generation Core processors, which are now being readied for release.

However, the list does not contain all specifications. Core/wire combinations, as well as their maximum frequencies, are unknown. The list does indicate which silicones are used by each processor, which was a topic of discussion before launch.

SKUs of the Intel Core i5-13400F and i5-13400 are built on B0 or ​​C0 chips. However, this isn’t the first time Intel has used two separate dies for a single CPU. Intel made an identical choice for their Core i5-12400 series, with the i5 12490F component based on the larger ones with China.

With increased L2 cache and other improvements, all higher end SKUs will use new Raptor Lake stamps. In addition, buyers should pay attention to the Core i5-13600 series, which will be available on both Raptor and Alder Lake dies.

On October 20, Intel will release its 13th generation K-series processors. The release dates of the company’s lower-cost B760 and H770 motherboards and non-K, T-series CPUs are still unknown.

Via Gigabyte

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