Google advertises huge trade-in discount on iPhone 13 Pro Max

Tech giant and smartphone brand Google offers a trade-in value of up to $750 when iPhone 13 Pro Max users trade their phones for a new Pixel 7.

Google advertises

In its latest ad, Google is offering trade values ​​of $695 for the 512GB iPhone 13 Pro Max, $645 for the 256GB storage model and $595 for the 128GB model. A value of $750 is given for the 1TB model – in comparison, Apple only spends a maximum of $720 when trading in their iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The $750 trade-in value makes the Pixel 7 free, and those interested only need to pay $150 to get the Pixel 7 Pro, which starts at $899.

Apple only offers a maximum trade-in value of $240 for the Pixel 6 Pro on its program. However, it’s worth noting that Apple devices generally depreciate more slowly compared to Android devices, as the company provides years of software updates after launch.

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