Google Maps for iOS gets new Apple Watch and iPhone features

Google recently updated its iOS Google Maps app to offer several notable improvements for Apple Watch and iPhone users.

Google Maps

New features include more details related to navigation, especially improved building contours and street line data that can be helpful for those traveling in unfamiliar areas. Certain cities have improved navigation details on CarPlay and iOS.

When navigating toll roads, estimated toll prices are now displayed based on the time of week and payment methods. Google says it will hit more than 2,000 roads in Japan, India, Indonesia and the US by April.

watchOS Google Maps is now a standalone app, meaning Apple Watch users can now navigate and drive without having to grab their iPhone. A complication titled ‘Take Me Home’ directs the user to a fixed location. Other notable mentions include an updated search widget and pinned travel widget.

Google Maps can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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