Gotham Knights level system won’t penalize you for playing favorites

Developers have explained that Gotham Knights’ leveling system won’t penalize players for mostly using it as one hero and then switching to someone else.

WB Games’ Gotham Knights, formally announced at the 2020 DC FanDome event, lurked in the shadows for a while.

However, given the impending release, the crew of WB Games Montréal has felt it necessary to release more concrete information in recent months.

Character breakdowns for all four heroes have already gone live, so some of the latest details are focused on the experience as a whole.

Gotham Knights level system will not be punitive

In a Skill Tree breakdown video for IGN First, Creative Director Patrick Redding said the team expects most players to pick a favorite character that fits their playstyle and use it predominantly.

Those same players may still want to experiment with the other heroes. According to Redding, the game will not punish them for this.

If a player spends most of their time as Batgirl, there is no need to replay previous work to get to Red Hood to quickly advance the newly selected character.

Redding told IGN, “If you decide to switch characters, you now have sort of a surplus of skill points that you can go into the menu and spend.”

Users can then view the entire Skill Tree and assign their points to what works best.

The Skill Trees that support the Gotham Knights level system also seem quite broad, with each character being able to take on different buildings.

Batgirl players may want to specialize in hacking or focus on the melee combat route. A Nightwing build can emphasize the co-op mechanics, while a second doubles its acrobatic abilities.

More details about the gameplay are likely to surface in the coming weeks. Gotham Knights hits stores on October 25 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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