GPD Is Working On A Sony PSP Clone ‘Win 4’ With AMD Ryzen 7 6800U CPU

GPD launches a new handheld console powered by AMD’s Ryzen 7 6800U. The upcoming Win 4 will only feature an AMD processor and there is no other model for Intel for now. Like the Win 3, the Win 4 will also have a physical keyboard that will be hidden under a 6-inch screen.
The Win 4 is powered by 8 Zen3+ cores and powerful RDNA2 graphics complete with 12 compute units, making it one of the best gaming experiences in this form factor. This isn’t the first time a portable console like this has been powered by this APU. There are also others on the market, including AYANEO, AYN, and AOKZOE.

Compared to Win 3, the upcoming Win 4 will have some design refinements such as a removable analog stick with hall sensors that will allow users to swap it based on the desired height. The upcoming console would also be more ergonomic. The keyboard on the Win 4 is now also completely physical, dropping the capacitive touch keys.

The new keyboard closed design is very similar to the Sony PlayStation Portable Series (PSP). The Win 4 comes with a bigger screen and keyboard and a faster APU. It also has a fingerprint scanner and a trackpad nub.

So far there is no confirmation of the release date for the Win 4. As the crowdfunding campaign comes to an end, GPD is now going to start shipping the Win Max 2.

Via Liliputing

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