GRAID Says Supreme Raid SR-1010 Controller Uses NVIDIA GA106 GPU For AI Acceleration

The successor to GRAID’s NVIDIA T1000 based controller has been unveiled by the company. This latest model is based on the NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU and looks exactly like the NVIDIA solution, with the only major difference being that it is not a graphics card and has no display connections.

The standout feature of the GRAID controllers is that they lighten up the CPU by relieving it of its I/O process task. Handling this is usually a pretty big task for large RAID networks. Once the need to compute these processes is eliminated, as much of the work is handed over to power efficient GPUs, the RAID controllers have more room to breathe and thus operate at their maximum productivity at faster speeds.

GRAID claims that their latest SR-1010 controller based on NVIDIA’s GA 106 19M will offer IOPS in 4k random read speed with optimal Linux settings. In comparison, the SR-1000 controller offers 16 IOPS, meaning its successor is 20% faster. Based on high-quality software, the same solution gets up to 3.5 IOPS, showing that GRAID’s latest GPU solution is 5.4 times faster.

The new controller, called Supreme Raid SR-1010, delivers 110 GB/s and supports RAID 0,1,5,6 and 10 levels. Not only does the SR-1010 come with a faster GPU, but it also supports PCIe Gen4, a feature that was missing from the SR-1000.

The RTX A2000 GPU that ships on the SR-1010 has 3328 CUDA cores. It supports GDDR6 memory on a 192-bit interface and comes out of the box with 6 GB of memory. Thanks to the card’s unobtrusive form factor, it consumes only 70W of load. The controllers will ship next month.

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