Grim Revealed As Attacker Of Rainbow Six Operation Brutal Swarm

Operation Brutal Swarm is coming to Rainbow Six Siege and players can now meet the new Singaporean attacker, Grim, for the first time. Living up to the name of the operation by using a swarm of mechanical bees, here’s what you need to know.

Rainbow Six Year 7 Season 3, called Operation Brutal Swarm, is coming. A new season always means a new Operator, and this time it’s Grim, a new Singaporean forward joining Team Rainbow.

Grim has been leaked for months, but as the full reveal draws near at the Six Berlin Major on August 21, it’s now been confirmed for good.

The Singaporean seems to have a unique intelligence-gathering gadget that can help the attackers significantly, and it’s all thanks to a swarm of mechanical bees. Here’s what you need to know about Grim in Rainbow Six Siege.

Who is Grim in Rainbow Six Siege?

Grim joins Team Rainbow as an attacker in Operation Brutal Swarm. While not much is known about the Singaporean operator yet, his teaser video⁠—which came out on August 19—provides some insight.

The video shows his gadget, with a leaked name of Kawan Hive Launcher, tracking down enemies. This could mean that it is some kind of gadget that collects information and warns attackers about the presence of the defenders in specific areas of the map.

“The faint buzz is a warning,” he says in his short 30-second preview. “It may be the last thing you hear, but I’m the last thing you’ll see.”

Leaks have also indicated that he will be using both the SG 552 AR and the SG-CQB shotgun. We’ll learn more about his origins and exactly how his swarm gadget works when he’s fully revealed during the Six Major Berlin final on August 21.

Grim release date in Rainbow Six Siege

Grim is released as part of Operation Brutal Swarm in Rainbow Six Siege. While a date for going live hasn’t been confirmed by Ubisoft yet, seasonal updates usually come a day after the reveal on the TTS, so expect Grim to be in public testing from August 22, 2022.

From there, it will take two to three weeks to reach live servers, so the Singaporean operator will likely go live sometime in September 2022. We’ll keep you updated with details once the full reveal takes place.

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