Groundbreaking Overwatch 2 bug allows Wrecking Ball to kick any other player out of the game

While Wrecking Ball is known for bumping into other heroes, a new game-breaking bug in the Overwatch 2 Beta allows the Tank to literally knock everyone else out of the server.

We are now a week further with the very first Overwatch 2 Beta† Although the popularity of the game is soar to greater heights than ever, the first test period was not without its drawbacks.

As expected from a beta, we’ve already seen all sorts of issues. By hilarious texture bugs about aimbot hacks, has had quite a few setbacks in the first week. While the latest issue may be the most important, players have found a way to boot everyone from a particular lobby.

Wrecking Ball may have remained largely unchanged in the sequel, but the Tank does have a new trick up its sleeve. With a simple grappling hook, he can ruin a match for everyone else involved in one fell swoop.

Wrecking Ball’s primary method of gaining speed is through his Grappling Claw ability. By clicking on a surface, the character can then be launched across the map at lightning speed. Although it turns out that wrestling directly into the floor can have serious consequences in Overwatch 2.

A new bug discovered on May 2 does just that. By simply grabbing straight down while off the ground, Wrecking Ball can essentially crash a game. In an instant, all other players are removed from the game because of this seemingly harmless ability.

No matter what map you’re on or what mode you’re in, this trick can easily turn the momentum in your favor. While the lobby itself won’t close, the beta will need to fill all nine remaining spots with new players. Thus, players can repeat the trick again and again to achieve a certain goal and get a free win.

“I just sniped the whole server!” former Overwatch League pro Matthew “super” DeLisi yelled out after testing the bug for himself during a recent stream.

It’s currently unclear if the game-breaking issue is on Blizzard’s radar. Given the impact Wrecking Ball is now having, any change could see the hero being limited soon as developers work on a fix.

For now, you’ll have to watch out for encountering the character online. Whenever you see an opponent’s Hammond, you should be able to go back to the menu in no time.

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