GTA 6 Fans Demand Rockstar Stop “Trolling” By Putting VI-Style Logos

Grand Theft Auto fans keep searching for hints from Rockstar Games about GTA 6, but all they find is frustration.

GTA 6 is easily one of, if not the most anticipated game of all time. So far, Rockstar has been pretty quiet on the subject, saying only that the game is in development and should exceed players’ expectations.

Despite having no official trailers or content, fans have scoured everything Rockstar posts on social media or adds to GTA games for clues about the next title and have mostly come up empty-handed, with a few exceptions.

That changed on August 18, when Rockstar posted a video featuring a logo that, to some, looked very much like the Roman numeral VI. Unfortunately, this was not the case at all, leading to further anger from fans.

GTA 6 fans are tired of Rockstar’s teasing

Rockstar Games’ tweet revealed that the Imponte Ruiner ZZ-8 muscle car would be available in GTA Online and players seemed glued to the manufacturer’s logo.

Imponte is based on General Motors’ Pontiac and the logo looks a bit like a VI, which initially made some fans think Rockstar was teasing GTA 6.

However, their hopes were dashed when they learned that the logo is not new and has been around for quite some time. Still, the timing and similarities of the logo to VI have caused Rockstar to be accused of trolling.

rockstar collaborator on GTA 6

Rockstar Games

Fans are obsessed with finding GTA 6 clues.

“Okay, they literally play us like a violin. That was literally done on purpose,” a user responds to GTAForums.

“Rockstar is just playing with us. That’s always been the logo for the Imponte, they emphasized it so much to have fun because they know we would respond,” another wrote on Reddit.

“Trolling rockstar,” said another.

It’s not clear if Rockstar is really trying to tease players or not, but as fans waited for news about GTA 6, literally everything will be under a microscope.

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