GTA 6 Trailer Apparently Coming “Soon” As Actor Teasers Continue

Grand Theft Auto 6 could finally be unveiled as actors and musicians who apparently worked on the game start teasing a few things.

While Rockstar Games has finally acknowledged the existence of GTA 6, the iconic game developers have been pretty quiet about what they have in store with the highly anticipated title.

According to leakers, as well as actors who claimed to have worked on the project, players will be heading back to Vice City – with a clear split between a modern setting and a return to the original Vice City timeline.

As for a release date, the game is rumored to be out in 2024, but we could get a reveal much earlier according to actors and musicians who apparently worked on GTA 6.

GTA Online character with a car and a house
Rockstar Games

There have been many rumors about GTA 6, but nothing official has been revealed.

Alex Gonzalez, aka El Nitro 56, kicked off on May 6 with some cryptic hints on Twitter, responding to a few GTA fans who started asking questions about his involvement.

The hip-hop artist, who stood out by calling fellow musician krypto9095 a “collaborator” after tweeting about GTA 6, declared that a trailer is “coming soon” and that the game will include “one city, two different eras”, as some other leaks have claimed.

While the musician is a Grand Theft Auto fan, there’s nothing to say about the fact that he’s been working on the game so far, which we’ve seen from other actors. So it’s worth taking the claims with a grain of salt.

Some leakers have claimed that May will include some answers to the GTA 6 puzzle, although we haven’t seen anything from Rockstar or Take-Two yet.

Renowned insiders have stated that the game’s highly anticipated reveal will come before 2022 is over, but it remains to be seen when it comes to anything GTA 6 related.

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