GTA Online Arcade feature secretly removed in next-gen update

Rockstar Games has quietly removed a feature from GTA Online’s Arcade office with the next-gen update for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The developers have made a number of changes to the game with the E&E update, including new visuals, new vehicles, faster loading times and the addition of Hao’s Special Works.

After jumping over some hurdles to transfer save progress, players started looking for some things that were tweaked without mentioning it in the patch notes.

On April 5, another removed feature was unearthed.

GTA Online Action Figures

GTA Online Arcade Feature Missing After GTA 5 Update

On Reddit, a user named JayProspero posted, “Has anyone else noticed that Rockstar removed these toys from E&E?”

Since the game’s release, a number of action figure toys have been featured in various GTA 5 challenges, although these toys are really just a prop for the room’s interior.

Captain Spacetoy Interstellar, who used to have interchangeable body parts and bright pink clothing, has been replaced by a character in black suits.

Has anyone else noticed that Rockstar removed this toy from E&E? from gtaonline

One player replied, “I don’t know if I should be confused by Rockstar for removing this or if I should be confused by you for noticing.” A second comment read, “I will never look at my office the same way.”

Another joked: “That’s it. I cancel my Plus subscription. I’m fed up with it. Enough.”

Because the change was not officially documented in the next-generation patch notes, the rationale behind the decision has not been made public.

While the Grand Theft Auto series has always been tense in nature, there is a chance that due to its nature, the toy may cause offense to some players.

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