GTA Online Leker Explains How Liberty City Map Rumors Will Be Different From GTA 4

GTA Online has become one of Rockstar Games’ most successful titles, and with rumors of a Liberty City map expansion coming this summer, a well-known leaker has explained more about what it will entail.

Introducing GTA 4’s iconic Liberty City location to GTA Online was a dream for many players who were tired of limiting themselves to exploring San Andreas’ metropolis of Los Santos.

Imagine being able to get on a plane and travel from one giant city to another with its own set of missions and available content. Sounds like a GTA Online fanatic’s dream, doesn’t it?

Well, according to insider Matheusbr9895, the Liberty City expansion rumors will not be as spectacular as many had hoped and revealed some very interesting tidbits.

Leaker reveals possible GTA Online Liberty City details

While the idea of ​​roaming Liberty City sounds like a pipe dream, Matheusbr9895 explained how Rockstar plans to implement the New York parody into the world of GTA Online.

Unfortunately, the entire city will not be fully accessible and only a “restricted area” will be available to players.

“Rockstar Games is planning hacks for anyone trying to get out of the brink for 10 seconds,” the leaker claimed.

That said, apparently players will still get the chance to walk through some parts of Liberty City, but because of the Rage engine, it won’t be the same setting as 2008’s GTA 4.

Furthermore, Matheusbr9895 hinted that a full version of Liberty City could be available at a later date. In a follow-up tweet, the insider claimed: “Rockstar is planning a special bundle, including some historic titles from the HD universe,” once GTA 6 finally comes out.

As always, take these rumors with a grain of salt until they’re confirmed, but it’ll be fun to see what Rockstar is up to and if these leaks end up being true.

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