GTA Online player gets millions in-game with mysterious surprise

Published: 2022-12-08T17:34:23

Updated: 2022-12-08T17:34:32

GTA Online suddenly gave a player $2.3 million in-game for their dedication, but it’s unclear why the reward is so high.

Grand Theft Auto Online offers users plenty of ways to earn millions of in-game dollars. Completing Heists, of course, yields some of the most lucrative payouts.

Other activities like Time Trails, Gunrunning and VIP tasks also work wonders for those who want to increase their money quickly.

However, it seems that players occasionally get lucky and pull in millions of dollars all at once for unknown reasons.

GTA Online player confused by in-game reward worth millions

Reddit user Mirimicus recently posted a screenshot showing Rockstar rewarding them for “being a dedicated GTA Online player”. The reward totals a shocking $2.3 million in in-game cash.

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When sharing the news, the Redditor asked fellow players if anyone knew why they suddenly received so much “free money.” Reactions from equally baffled fans fill the thread.

One person suggested it may be related to the player completing a raid final under certain circumstances. But the original poster said they had already received the bonus for the Heist event that was hosted in November.

Another Redditor suggested that the gift worth millions may be due to GTA Online’s recent Shark Card tweaks. According to the commentator, buying Shark Cards now increases their value; so, “if you recently purchased Shark Cards [Rockstar donates] the extra money you would have received.

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Whether or not these changes will apply to the reward money mentioned above remains unclear. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea for “dedicated” GTA Online users to keep an eye on extra cash.

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