GTA Online player reveals trick to avoid getting kicked for AFK

published: 2022-09-29T21:26:00

Updated: 2022-09-29T21:26:20

One of the minor issues with GTA Online is the lack of a pause menu. Fortuntaley, one player discovered an easy way to get out of the game without getting kicked.

GTA Online is almost ten years old, but players are still finding new little details every day. Recently, a user discovered features such as putting on a mask to clear desired levels, shooting during phone calls, and hiding in bushes from the police.

Community members also discover GTA 6 hints in GTA Online. A Reddit user pointed to a logo from the leaked images, similar to one added to the game in 2018.

As with other online services, GTA Online does not allow players to pause the game, forcing players to be kicked if they have to leave. The minor complaint can be annoying, but one user found a solution.

What is the GTA Online AFK Method?

In GTA Online, “AFK farming” is when players abuse invite-only sessions to build passive income for their business while doing nothing in the game.

Reddit user Nateovision_ revealed a way to reach AFK without getting kicked out of a lobby.

Here are the steps Nateovision_ shared.

  1. When you are in your apartment, select “Apartment Style” using the interaction menu
  2. Choose one, it doesn’t matter, and you will not be charged yet because it is a sample
  3. Once the sample is loaded, you should be able to walk around and watch it or you can walk away from the game and not get kicked

One player replied, “This will come in very handy if I’m on the run from mourners and can’t get to my corporate security cameras.”

Another user added: “This is great, thanks!”

If you ever need a quick break from the action, try this method for yourself.

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