GTA Online players are demanding incredibly easy QoL changes for the next update

. Last updated: July 30, 2022

The GTA Online community is calling for some quick quality-of-life changes that would make Rockstar’s chaotic sandbox that little bit easier to navigate.

As we look ahead to Rockstar’s future projects, there are still thousands of players entering Los Santos in GTA Online. From wreaking havoc with friends to completely changing the experience in one of the many custom servers, there are plenty of ways to play the game.

From customizing your character to the car they drive, Rockstar has spared no expense in customizing for people to enjoy.

But there are a few parts of GTA Online that are more tilting than the trolls that can sometimes show up while completing a mission.

GTA Online players want QoL fixes

That’s why the GTA community wants RS to provide some quality of life updates for some annoying issues to make the experience better.

For example, user “captainvideoblaster” pointed out a bizarre style option that lets you “change appearance” for $100,000. While there is a confirmation step before dumping a hundred grand, players agreed that the button really should be somewhere else.

“Of course you don’t just lose $100k by accidentally pressing it,” said another person. “But it takes you out of the session, which is annoying as f**k. Needs to be repaired. No reason to make it the first option.”

Meanwhile, for the Los Santos motorheads with a garage larger than their grocery list, an indicator to see if you’ve already bought a specific car model would prevent duplicate purchases.

“It would be good if there was a prompt saying ‘You already have this vehicle, are you sure you want to buy another one?’ And give a yes or no choice, that’s what they should do,” said one user.

These aren’t groundbreaking updates, but minor fixes to long-term issues that have given more than a few players a headache.

Rockstar should be working deep into GTA 6, but players would appreciate it if they made a detour for some minor tweaks in GTA Online that would make the game a little better.

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