GTA Online players mourn forgotten GTA 5 drinks during Sprunk vs eCola event

With GTA Online’s Sprunk vs eCola event in full swing, players took time to mourn GTA 5’s sodas and other drinks that weren’t in the spotlight.

For those who may have missed it, GTA Online is hosting a Sprunk vs eCola event for players to earn some simple rewards.

Sprunk and eCola are arguably GTA’s most popular fictional drinks, but they’re not the only spoof colas Rockstar has created for the game.

As such, fans mourn the fictitious soft drinks that received no attention during the event, especially Orang-O-Tang.

GTA Online players mourn Orang-O-Tang soda

gta online sprunk car sticker screenshotRockstar Games

While Sprunk and eCola get some cool cosmetics from this event, Orang-O-Tang is sadly left in the dust.

A post on the GTAonline subreddit sparked some discussion about which fictional GTA Coke is really the best of the bunch.

Reddit user ColePerfettiFan made the post with a photo of a bottle of Orang-O-Tang with the caption “Screw everyone, Orang-O-Tang dominates.”

The message is made clear with a reference to the ongoing brand war event, which has surprisingly divided the community in the best possible way.

While most players have their focus on the two soft drinks, there are some players who would have liked to have supported Orang-O-Tang.

“I’d prefer it over Sprunk or eCola. I love Fanta, but I’m not a fan of Sprite or Cola,” says user hcnsj.

GTA fan Eddy63 instead called out to Junk Energy Drink, which features prominently in several aspects of GTA Online.

Of course, other players took the opportunity to meme others for their taste in soft drinks.

“Thank goodness people like you exist, I would never know what to do with all that leftover orange juice at parties. Here you go,” said user TheCupcakeScrub.

Another fan said, “As much as I hate Sprunk and am at war with them, I’ll never understand who the hell is drinking orange soda.”

Unfortunately, fans of the less popular fictional Coke options will have to silently support their favorite brands from the sidelines as Sprunk and eCola continue to battle it out for the crown.

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